I am


I speak many a tongue

That of the limbs

And the lips

The eye

And the lung


To the whirlpools of my mind

In which harmony holds hands with entropy 

And surrealism lies in their crib 

Let me guide you through my multiverse 




Yet not all can be said by a bellybutton. The tongue too must flirt with the lips, kiss you on the cheek and take you on little trips

For my Siren will Sing

Laura Sestri’s her name

Beware of her tunes

She’s a hard one to tame

And there’s a woman who weaves tapestries 

From wool made of word

Fresh flowers and black tar 

Bordering the absurd


Original Electronic Music created by Liv Sublime, accompanied by live instruments. These melodies will resonate with your imagination, taking 

your eardrums on a voyage through your emotions.

Movement is my language. And it’s yours, too. Your subconscious tells its tale through limbs and fingertips. What better way to have a conversation than with our palms and our eyes and our toes?


A cake is never the same without the cherry on top. Or, in our case, ten cherries dipped in chocolate with marshmallow sprinkles. Our cherries are demons and goat gurus and much more you will discover… All fine pieces are handmade and one-of-a-kind, partially in collaboration with Studio Nepco.


Light is a life force. It allows us to photosynthesise the oxygen that feeds our lungs. 


What do you know about the Ancient World?

What do you really know about the tales of times gone by?

About the women who had sins painted on their limbs by centuries of misunderstanding?

I speak with the voices of demonised female mythological figures, from Lilith to Medusa and the Sirens, fusing today's technology with ancient magic.

Will you join me on a quest of rebuilding Paradise?



I am building a pyramid.

A home for high frequency artistry and immersive spectacles.

A timeless architecture to remember where we came from but most of all to remind us of where we are heading.


Laura Sestri

Singer and paintress

Surrealism in words and colour;

Laura’s voice swirls through the speakers. 

She sounds like an angel.


Liv Sublime

Notes have been running through Liv's veins for over twenty years. The successful musician and producer from Tel Aviv has now settled in Amsterdam. After playing in front of large crowds all over the world she has developed a preference for more intimate settings.

India Zahra

India is an individual of the Homo Sapiens. While she’s searching for what it means to be human, words flow from her fingertips. Darkness wrapped in a box of chocolates, or slapped on the table like raw meat. 

She weaves this with an addiction to freedom and thus serves a collection of honest poems, films and DJ sets.

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